Business Consulting Services

As business becomes more complex, firms are continually faced with new challenges. They increasingly rely on experienced outside advise and direction to help them remain competitive amidst these changes. As Business Consultants in private industry, we analyze and propose ways to improve an organization’s structure, efficiency, and profits.The day-to-day activities of our consultants are often complex and varied. Consultancy is essentially entrepreneurial in nature and project-based. Projects can vary in length depending on the type of consultancy, business and the demands of the client. They can be based at one site or across several states.

Our consulting and review involve:

• free evaluation
• carrying out research and data collection
• conducting analysis
• interviewing client’s employees, management team
• develope a findings report and results schedule plan
• preparing business proposals

Owner’s Representative Service

MBF Services acts as your “on-site” representative to be there overseeing your asset when you can’t. Our full service offering will be there to assist you from site and builder selection all the way through having your property ready when you arrive for your permanent or seasonal western experience. Our services also include property management and concierge support so you can spend your time relaxing instead of maintaining your home. MBF has the experience to assure the results you want and the tools to keep you connected to your project.Our clients know building and/or maintaining a home requires time and oversight to achieve the results they want. From managing the construction schedule or addressing changes, to making sure the owner’s style and choices are incorporated to their specification. Having a skilled independent project representative is a valuable asset and provides peace of mind.